ANNOUNCEMENT - Registration for the January - March 2022 season is now open.

Before you click on the link below please be sure to have a screenshot of your BC Vaccination Passport (or a photo of your vaccination card) ready to upload. You will also need your credit card in order to pay for your membership.

We are using Pickleball Canada’s registration system (PCNS). If you registered to play at WKPC then you will be familiar with the process. Please note that if you joined an outdoor club like the WKPC or the KPC you would have had to join Pickleball Canada (PCO) as well as Pickleball BC (PBC) and you would have been charged membership dues for those two organizations. Your membership with those organizations expires at any time from now until Dec 31st, but PCO has mandated that as of October 1 everyone who registers with any club through the PCNS will also be billed for their full 2022 dues. The good news is that when you join Funky Bounce on or after October 1, 2021 your PCO and PBC membership will now be already paid when you go to join any additional club next year.

If you are ready to join you can do so by clicking on this link -