Funky Bounce Indoor Pickleball

The decision has been made to suspend pickleball beginning March 16, 2020. If play will resume this spring an email will be sent to all registered players. If you are not a registered player you can check back here for updates.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.

Funky Bounce Indoor Pickleball is located at Green Bay Bible Camp in West Kelowna. GBBC has a large gym with 4 courts. The gym floor is the same type of floor that the Olympic volleyball competitions are played on. This floor provides some cushioning which makes it easier on the joints. The downside of having a cushioned floor is that sometimes you get a “funky bounce”, hence our name.

We tend to embrace these funky bounces because they make you concentrate more and assume a more athletic stance when you play the ball. This can only help to improve your overall game. The other side benefit of having some minor unpredictability in game play is that we charge less to play so what have you got to lose?