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Some of you might have joined Funky Bounce without knowing any members here. This can be problematic when it comes to trying to organize your own games. In order to facilitate social connections we have created the spreadsheet below that contains the contact information of those players who gave their consent to share their info. If you click on the top right corner of the spreadsheet it will pop out as a new window making it easier to copy email addresses. If you are having trouble getting the spreadsheet to open in a new window you can click HERE. You can copy multiple email addresses and then paste them into an email message in hopes of making some new connections. If you want to add your name to the spreadsheet below you can do so by visiting -

If you are uncomfortable reaching out to strangers via email you could try to make connections by joining some of our organized round robins. You must register each week in order to play. You can do so by visiting our Organized Play page.

The players in the spreadsheet below have given consent to have their personal information posted on this page for the sole purpose of making connections to play pickleball:

Partner Search Fall 2021 (Responses)