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The Covid 19 pandemic has caused clubs like ours to change the way we do things. We, like most other clubs, have gone to a 'social bubble' model of play. This means that just showing up at the courts hoping to get into a game is not a possibility for now. If you want to play pickleball at Funky Bounce you need to have your own 'pickleball bubble'. Most of you have this already because you talked it over with your friends before joining. Some of you might be looking to expand your bubble by one or two players in order to provide some flexibility in case a player is unable to play on a given day.

In order to facilitate social connections we offer two resources below. The first resource is through the app called WhatsApp. The second resource is a spreadsheet with the contact information of those members who consented to share their information with others.

The WhatsApp app allows you to create or join a group with ease. If you happen to be short a player you can post a quick message to the group and everyone in the group will get that message instantly. We have created pickleball skill-based WhatsApp groups for Funky Bounce. If you want to be part of one of these groups you need to download the WhatsApp app, create an account and then click on the link to the group that you want to join. If you are using an Android device you can get the app here. If you have an iPhone you can get the app here. WhatsApp doesn't work on an ipad without a work around.

Note - you must be viewing this webpage on the device that has WhatsApp installed on it in order for the links below to work.

Want to use the direct approach? The spreadsheet below contains the contact information of those players who gave their consent to share their info. If you click on the top right corner of the spreadsheet it will pop out as a new window making it easier to copy email addresses. If you are having trouble getting the spreadsheet to open in a new window you can click HERE.

Funky Bounce Partner Search Fall 2020