Q: When will registration open for the Fall 2023 season?

A: Registration will open on September 1 2023. Visit our Registration page for more information.

Q: Will you be limiting the numbers of memberships?

A: Yes! We want to avoid what has happened in other clubs where memberships grew to the point that court times became difficult/impossible to book. We will be capping our numbers based on court capacity. 

Q: Will we be able to play on weekends?

A: Yes! This year we will be able to play on some weekends. Green Bay Bible Camp wants to keep weekends available to groups to rent but if the gym is going to be unused on any given weekend we will be able to book courts and play. In order to keep their options open GBBC will release weekend dates about a week prior. 

Q: Why do you call yourself Funky Bounce?

A: The gym floor is made from interlocking tiles. It is the same type of floor that Olympic volleyball is played on. Because of the tile construction you will get the occasional "funky bounce" hence the name. 

Q: Are there any benefits for playing on this type of floor?

A: Yes! The floor is softer than the outdoor courts so your joints tend not to be as sore as they might be after playing outdoors. Your eye-hand coordination will improve as will your footwork. Those players who embrace the funkiness of the floor tend to find that their game improves because you always need to be watching the ball and you always need to have good footwork in order to deal with the occasional bad bounce. Plus you have a built in excuse when your shot doesn't work out!

Q: How often do you get a "funky bounce"?

A: Most players estimate a less than 10% occurrence of funkiness. 

Q: Do we need to supply our own indoor pickleballs?

A: Yes. Unfortunately the pickleballs that we have supplied in the past go missing in short order

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located inside the HQ building of Green Bay Bible Camp which is located at 1449 Green Bay Road in West Kelowna

Q: When can we play?

A: There are time slots available from Monday to Friday. Please see our Schedule page.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Membership costs $125 plus GST for 12 weeks of play. We also offer monthly memberships that cost $75 per month.

Q: Do you offer drop-in sessions?

A: Yes. If you are not a member of Funky Bounce you can still play if there are courts available. The cost is $10 and can be paid at the office which is located beside the gym doors

Q: Where does the money go?

A: All of the funds go the Green Bay Bible Camp. The only benefit that Ed (Benevolent Dictator of Funky Bounce) gets from running Funky Bounce is that he gets to play for free and can book in advance.

Q: Will there be organized play sessions available?

A: YES. We offer skill-based round robin play every day. You must register for these weekly events at our Organized Play page.

Q: But I don't know that many people who play at my level. What can I do?

A: Funky Bounce members will have the option to enter their contact information on our Partner Search page. People who are looking to make connections can find other players on that page. 

Q: What happens if one of our sessions gets cancelled because of a commitment that Green Bay has to honour?

A: Green Bay Bible Camp does get its fair share of groups that rent the camp out during the fall and winter season. Most of these groups come in on the weekend but every now and then there are mid-week group rentals. Green Bay will do its best to encourage these groups to use the gym after 3:30 so that it doesn't interfere with pickleball. However if a group does need the gym during the midweek day then we would have to cancel pickleball on that day. This is not likely but possible. If this were to happen we will open up some extra sessions.

Q: Who sets up the nets and takes them down?

A: The camp staff will do their best to set up and take down the nets. If something happens and the nets are not set up when you arrive you can set up the nets yourself.

Q: Are there bathroom and shower facilities at GBBC?

A: Bathrooms yes, showers no. 

Q: Are there drinking fountains at the gym?

A: Unfortunately not so you will have to bring your own water bottle. 

Q: Can we consume alcohol, tobacco or cannabis while on the GBBC property?

A: No sorry