Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located inside the HQ building of Green Bay Bible Camp which is located at 1449 Green Bay Road in West Kelowna.

Q: When can we play?

A: There are time slots available from Monday to Friday. Please see our Schedule page.

Q: Will there be drop in sessions available?

A: Yes. Drop in sessions cost $5.00 each. Drop ins are not guaranteed and are subject to availability.

Q: Will there be tournaments?

A: We hope so. It will depend on interest and scheduling. You can check out our Tournaments Page for more details.

Q: What happens if one of our sessions gets cancelled because of a commitment that Green Bay has to honour?

A: Green Bay Bible Camp does get its fair share of groups that rent the camp out during the fall and winter season. Most of these groups come in on the weekend but every now and then there are mid-week group rentals. Green Bay will do its best to encourage these groups to use the gym after 4:30 so that it doesn't interfere with pickleball. However if a group does need the gym during the midweek day then we would have to cancel pickleball on that day. This is not likely but possible. If this were to happen players affected would be encouraged to attend a different session to make up for the missed one.

Q: How do you try to ensure that players are able to play other players who are at their skill level?

A: The time slots have been designated for various skill levels so that you should end up playing with players of similar ability (see our Schedule page). In addition to that we will be using the system that is being used at Peachland. Namely after a game is over the winners will put their paddles in the Winner's Box while the losers will place their paddles in the Runner Up's Box. When another game finishes those players will do the same and then the first four paddles from the Winner's Box will go play and the first four paddles from the Runner Up's Box will do likewise. Players should team up with a new partner in order to avoid having one team dominate the session. This process will repeat throughout the session. Hopefully that way you will end up in games that match your ability on that day. The Tiered Round Robin and King's Court sessions will be organized so that you end up playing at your level.

Q: Who sets up the nets and takes them down?

A: Players from the first session will set up the nets while players from the last session will take them down.

Q: Are there bathroom and shower facilities at GBBC?

A: Bathrooms yes, showers no.

Q: Can we consume alcohol, tobacco or cannabis while on the GBBC property?

A: No sorry